Feb 28, 2015

Feb 26, 2015


Life has an interesting way of playing things out. Sometimes it seems incredibly cruel. However, through hurting we can use those feelings to learn a lot about ourselves and take time to focus on self care. Right now I'm beginning my journey into becoming a woman. My heart hurts in ways that are unexplainable, but I'm taking this time to focus on healing and bettering myself. I know this journey is going to be full of challenges, but I'm really looking forward to the outcome. I feel like I'm in a weird in-between/limbo phase; Technically at 22 I'm considered an adult. I'm not a teenager or a kid, but I'm also not a woman. Part of me feels like I'm going through that awkward teenage phase again (or maybe I never got out of it?)

I'm also realizing how important it is to take care of yourself. My mom and I went to a Korean spa a few nights ago in an attempt to 'get away' without having to leave town. Seeing all of the women taking time to take care of themselves and relax seemed so simple, but it was a huge reminder that as humans we need to have that time to replenish.  I'm learning so much right now and trying my best to keep my chin up and stay focused. I know in time the hurt will fade, but right now it feels pretty overwhelming.

 I'm usually very private about my personal life and feelings, but writing seems to help a lot. I don't want to go into details about what I'm going through, so excuse my vagueness. I guess in writing this, it's a way for me to process and I hope that others can relate as well. As much as I sound like a cliche douche by saying this, time really does heal everything. I think the mind is more powerful than we give it credit for sometimes and through hardships we must keep going, because one day (probably sooner than expected) the hurt is just a memory.

On a side note; I got this outfit + vintage wig at the goodwill yesterday for $10 ~ couldn't be more pleased with it!

Jan 9, 2015


Bart became a member of my family over 14 years ago, he'll be 15 this summer. Anyone who shares a special bond with an animal friend knows that they become so much more than a pet. They are loved like children, their unconditional love is priceless.

Very recently we started noticing a couple things that were concerning. We took him into his vet yesterday for testing. The vet told us that Bart has an enlarged heart, which means he most likely has heart disease. He has to do a few more tests tomorrow as well as an ultra sound, which will be able to determine how far along the heart disease is and what we need to do for treatment.

The vet called us this morning with results from his tests. Bart has stage 5 kidney failure.

Bart needs treatment immediately. The vet said that treatment can prolong his life for a few more years and there's no need to euthanize him because this can help him continue to live a healthy, happy life. A huge concern of ours was Bart's comfort, but the vet assured us that he's in no pain. He has to go in tomorrow morning and they'll keep him for 3-5 days to finish/continue testing and re-hydrate him.

I've started a GoFundMe account for his medical expenses. Any help is greatly appreciated. Even if you can't afford to donate money, reposting is also extremely helpful and very much appreciated. Bart is like a child in our family. My sister and I have shared over half of our lives with him and anyone who knows us, knows that he's our baby.

Jan 2, 2015


I recently discovered Ursula on instagram ~ she's quickly become one of my favorite people to follow. She's super talented and pretty much has great taste in everything. She makes rad patches -both with a machine and hand embroidered, as well as her own line of clothing : Dark Moon Cult

I bought a patch from her for my boyfriend and she sent me this beautiful dress as well! It fits perfectly and comes in black, merlot, olive and lavender. Get one of these beauties ::here::

Natasha Lillipore


I recently had the pleasure of working with Danielle Levitt on a project called TRIBES, a collaboration between Marc Jacobs and ID Magazine

Here's a few screen caps from Marc's twitter <3

See the full article HERE

Natasha Lillipore


Kerol D. never fails to impress me with her aesthetic and beautiful textile choices. When I saw the Claire Fringe shorts I knew I needed them in my life! They also come in black, but the golden-mustard color really caught my eye. The Achille Hat is such a great shape, it's kind of like a cowboy hat but with just the right amount of floppiness. Kerol D. is an Italian designer, and get this ~ She was born in 1991! I just figured this out and tripped out, I love seeing young gals who are killing it!

Head over to Kerol D. Apparel and fall in love!

Natasha Lillipore