Oct 23, 2014


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Curated by Shelby Sells + Jude Liana 
Flyer by Natasha Lillipore


xo Natasha Lillipore


My love and I just got back from a week long trip to Oahu. We usually save up and treat ourselves to one vacation a year, so what better place to go than Hawaii?! We have good friends that live on the island, so it was a perfect excuse to get away and spend time with them. The last time we went was in August of 2013 and it was still incredibly hot but perfect beach weather. August was so crazy for both of us, so we figured October would still be chill.

WELL... Little did we know good ole Hurricane Ana was planning on rolling through -_____-
Luckily the storm wasn't too bad, but it's still safe to say I've never seen so much rain in my life. During the three days of solid rain Javier was tattooing anyways, so I stayed inside the shop with him and got a butt load of drawings done. I decided to make a zine out of them ~DEATH IN PARADISE~ which you can purchase HERE.

We were able to get a few really good beach days, and I'm sooo thankful for that! I currently look like a freshly boiled lobster, but these tan lines are gonna be killer in a few days. Eating poke bowls, shaved ice and guava juice with the man I love every day did my soul good.

Oh, also ~ If you have hella money (unlike moi) Oahu has some KILLLLLLLER designer shopping. Like, so good it's depressing. I caught myself drooling over the Miu Miu windows and finally forced myself to walk to the nearest bakery stand (lots of good asian bakery spots too!) so I could stuff my emotions away.

Shaved ice ~ 

I was really intrigued and inspired by the canned food section in the grocery stores

Had a visit with Norman Collins ~ Sailor Jerry *RIP*

I was really hoping to take more photos in this beautiful Coco Fennel dress outside, but that was the first day it started pouring >.<

Oct 6, 2014



Photography: Natasha Lillipore
Styling: Alanna Pearl



Photography: Natasha Lillipore
Styling: Alanna Pearl

Sep 29, 2014


After bleaching and coloring my hair for years, I finally went back to my natural color in May. Not one day has gone by where I've regretted coloring it brown, but every once in a while it would be fun to have a little more color. 

I recently got my paws on this beautiful wig from UniWigs ~ It's a 100% human hair glue-less lace front. I got it in the lightest shade of blonde and colored it with a mixture of pink hair color and conditioner (you can find tons of tutorials on youtube!). It came out a little brighter than I had hoped, but another wash and it'll be perfect. The wig that I have is the Dolly wig, which you can find at the link below:

The wig is constructed beautifully and is extremely comfortable to wear. I had it on for a few hours while getting ready and shooting this and it stayed in place the whole time. There's nothing worse than a shifty wig! Especially if you're planning on wearing it out. I really love that you don't need any glue to wear this, but it still looks super natural. Being that it's 100% human hair, you can change the style easily as well.

I definitely hope to play with more of these beauties soon! I already have my eyes on a few ^.^

Also, UniWigs was super nice and offered all of my followers a discount code! Use code NATASHA40 to receive $40 off any purchase of $300 or more on uniwigs.com

xo, Natasha Lillipore